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Genital Pimples 101: Vaginal Pimples

It’s OK to have pimples around your genitalia - simply put, pimples occur because of clogged pores and if you have pores somewhere on your body, it means it’s perfectly OK to have a pimple there.

Now, before I go further on this, a warning. There are some sexually transmitted diseases that might manifest themselves as pimples around the genitalia. While a pimple might be just a pimple, you should definitely see your gynaecologist if you’re having vaginal pimples and recently you have been sexually active. This article is not meant to be professional advice.

curing vaginal pimplesNote that I have said that even before I said that you should not toy with your vaginal pimples. But now the time has come for that: Do not toy with your vaginal pimples! The genital area is very sensitive, plus; it can get much more easily infected than your face. If you are popping zits near your genitalia, that means it has a high risk of leaving a scar, getting infected etc. Just keep the area clean and don’t touch the pimples.

The most common reason for genital pimples are overly tight clothing. This one is straightforward - your pores are there for the oil beneath them to be exposed to air and vaporize. If your clothing is too tight, the oil won’t be exposed to air at all, and will not go away - and will get stuck. The “treatment” for this condition is simple, don’t wear very tight.

Another common reason for vaginal pimples are your hormones. The area around your genitalia is very sensitive to your hormones, and at times when your hormones aren’t balanced well (like in your periods, for example), this can cause your genitalia to overproduce sebum (natural bodily oil) which means that your pores won’t be able to get them all out. If your vaginal pimples indeed appear only in your periods, there is nothing you can do (nor is there something you should worry); but if the pimples are constantly there, you might want to see your doctor for a hormone test. Again, this means you have to go to your gynaecologist.

A more disturbing reason could be bacteria in your genitalia. Relax - bacteria are everywhere on everyone’s body. It’s just a matter of how much, and what type. Bacteria related pimples are easily treated, so don’t worry about that.

Now, whatever the reason, pimples are clogged pores, and thus the methods you can use as homemade acne treatments in your face can usually be applied to your genitalia too. Acne Programs created to get rid of acne can and will heal your vaginal pimples too (and make the skin on your whole body healthier in the process).

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