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Learn how to get rid of acne, pimples and blackheads. Inlcudes natural remedies, quick tips, and information on clearing your face of pimples.

Alternative Acne Treatments
In addition to conventional treatments such as topical and oral medications and lasers, some acne patients seek alternative treatments to alleviate their suffering. They can include dermabrasion, subcision, aloe vera, anti-inflammatory, vitamin b treatments, and tea tree oil treatments.
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Bad Acne Scars
While mild and moderate acne can cause little to no scarring, many forms of severe acne can leave skin scarred and damaged for years. These physical scars are often referred to as "ice pick" scars due to the indentations left in the surface of the skin. There are other types of scars, however, and each one has a particular appearance.
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Natural Cures for Acne
The most often overlooked, yet the best and most natural; homemade treatments for acnes and blackheads is having a healthy and focused diet. This article will tell you about the most important aspect of a healthy diet to improve your skin condition.
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Popping Pimples
Stop popping pimples, it’s easy as that. In one of my previous posts I had talked about some bad consequences of pimple popping, like scarring. In this post I’ll talk about another bad consequence.
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Genital Pimples 101: Vaginal Pimples
It’s OK to have pimples around your genitalia - simply put, pimples occur because of clogged pores and if you have pores somewhere on your body, it means it’s perfectly OK to have a pimple there.
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Pimples in the Vaginal Area
Pimples can occur anywhere hair follicles appear, including genital areas, backs, breasts, and legs, and can be just as difficult to get rid of as traditional acne. Be aware, however, that vaginal pimples can also be signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or other problems. They can, however, also occur for reasons similar to facial acne.
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Great Home Remedies for Acne Scars
My first homemade acne treatment article was met with some very positive feedback from all over, thank you! Now I’d like to focus on acne scars, and home methods to get rid of them.
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What is Inside Acne? What Happens if you Eat it?
This post won’t be so full of advice, it’s just a quick update containing some interesting information and the answer to a HORRIBLE QUESTION. For different methods on how to deal with acne, check the older posts to the right.
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Popping Zits or Squeezing Pimples
Oh, how everyone likes popping zits. I think it might be an interesting psychological study if someone was conduct a research on why and how everyone feels a sense of satisfaction when they bring out the pus in a zit with a loud “pop”.
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Homemade Acne Treatments - Water is Amazing
Don’t let the title fool you - water is not just used as a homemade acne treatment; it’s also a great way to improve your skin condition overall, and get rid of blackheads - pimples - zits etc.
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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars
If you don’t want one thing on your face that isn’t an acne or a blackhead - it’s an acne scar. Acne scars can look from unnoticeable to horribly disfiguring. And you can’t imagine how quick and easy it’s to jump from “unnoticeable” to “horribly disfiguring”.
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What Did I Do for Getting Rid of Blackheads?
If by any chance you have read this acne website before, you know that I have suffered from acnes and blackheads all my life, but recently I have done something for getting rid of blackheads and acnes - and it worked.
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Acne Cystic Natural Treatment
OK - this was probably my biggest problem when I was struggling to keep those “undesirables” out of my face. Cystic acnes are really really nasty, and they become so swollen that you can’t help but play with them! Which of course, will only make them “stronger” - after some periodic squeezing and popping, it’s invariably gonna bleed, and leave a scar.
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How to Get Rid of Blackheads
Hey, Sam here. Well, I’ve set up my website so I’d better fill it:) I hope to build a following - just because I want to help people. I know how awful those skin problems feel to have… If you want to keep updated about my posts and advice - simply subscribe via the tool to the right.
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