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Homemade Acne Treatments - Water is Amazing!

Don’t let the title fool you - water is not just used as a homemade acne treatment; it’s also a great way to improve your skin condition overall, and get rid of blackheads - pimples - zits etc.

Water’s Amazing Rejuvenating Properties
How It Makes Perfect Sense
Bear with me please - this very post might change the quality of your body dramatically!

Your body doesn’t manufacture water - you provide it to your body.

Water against acne! You have to have water in your body for your body to function. The water in your body is supplied by your diet, either by you directly drinking it or via the water in the foods in you eat, etc.

So what happens when you drink little water? Do you die? No. Then what happens?

Simple. The body reduces the amount of water it gives out. You urinate less, you sweat less. So, the amount of water in your body at any time remains constant even if you drink less water. And your body continues to function.

So, it’s perfectly okay, right? WRONG.

It’s very simple: Your body uses water for every function it executes. If you drink little water, and thus your body preserves most of the water, with time, that water gets dirtier and dirtier. It loses its properties, and becomes low quality water; it becomes contaminated with all the chemical processes going on in your body.

Also, because - again - your body uses water for everything it does, because of its water preserving tendencies when you don’t drink enough water, your body decreases its functions to preserve water.

So, what happens when you don’t drink enough water:

The basic raw material used throughout your body - water - becomes contaminated and loses its quality
Your body decreases the amount of rebuilding it does
What does those mean? (1) means that your skin loses quality. Because water is “dirty”, everything in your body becomes “dirty”, and your pores get stuck with all that “gross” water, and you get acnes and blackheads as a result. (2) means that the amount of resources your body would normally allocate to rebuilding damaged parts (such as acne scars *wink wink* ) goes down, and your skin regenerates slowly as a result, and you retain your scars for a longer period. See, it all makes sense! You have to drink water not only to treat acne - but it’s a great how to get rid of acne scars method as well.

Drink Excess Water - Treat Your Acnes and Blackheads

I cannot stress enough the importance of your diet in the fight against your blackheads. You provide building blocks to your body with what you eat and drink. If your diet is low quality, your body will be of low quality - that’s a fact.

Drinking excess water will keep the water at any time in your body much clearer, and you skin will rejuvenate faster; and will greatly help in getting rid of acne and blackheads. But it’s not the only way you can help improve your skin quality by adjusting your diet. I cannot give you a strict program - but fortunately there are people who can do.

The program I mentioned before, that COMPLETELY got rid of my lifelong acne and blackhead problem, puts great emphasis on your diet. Read my review of the acne program here - and have a look at the program itself here.

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