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Genital Pimples or Vaginal Pimples

Pimples can occur anywhere hair follicles appear, including genital areas, backs, breasts, and legs, and can be just as difficult to get rid of as traditional acne. Be aware, however, that vaginal pimples can also be signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or other problems. They can, however, also occur for reasons similar to facial acne.

Pimple Vaginal AreaAs a result, individuals who suffer from genital or vaginal pimples should be aware that their appearance does not necessarily reflect on personal hygiene, but, because of their location, should be examined and discussed with a doctor.

Appearance of Gential Pimples

Vaginal and genital pimples look and appear very similar to those that surface on the face. This means that whiteheads, blackheads and pustules can all occur in the genital region. Be aware, however, that ordinary vaginal pimples occur on the exterior of the body and do not manifest themselves inside.

Importance (It Could be an STD)

Although some vaginal pimples are benign (much like regular acne), some can be signs of a more serious condition. Therefore, individuals suffering from these lesions should consult with a doctor before beginning any treatment. Since some STDs like herpes or genital warts can be mistaken for common pimples, it's important to get checked by a professional. This is especially important if the pimples appear in small clusters. Since herpes and genital warts require different treatments, it's important to rule these out before treating the condition as simple acne.

Causes of Pimples on the Genitalia

Acne and pimples can appear anywhere where hair follicles appear and the causes of facial acne are very similar to those of genital acne. This means that vaginal pimples can be caused by bacterial infection of the pores and sebaceous glands as well as radical hormonal changes. This is especially true for women going through puberty, menstruation, or pregnancy. Tight clothing and irritating laundry detergent can also cause genital pimples.

Treatments and Cures for Pimples on the Vaginal Area

Cleanliness is important in order to prevent and treat vaginal pimples. Individuals should bathe in warm soapy water to disinfect the region and consider wearing cotton undergarments to keep the air circulating to keep it dry. This decreases the chance of bacterial growth.

In addition to everyday practices, some doctors will prescribe oral medications, antibiotics, and even birth control to regulate hormonal changes. Most doctors will not prescribe topical ointments because of sensitivity in the region and will tell individuals to avoid popping or removing the pimples by hand.

Prevention of Genital Pimples

In order to avoid vaginal pimples, individuals should consider keeping the area clean and dry and avoid overly-tight clothing. Mild soaps also help and using mild detergent in the wash can help decrease irritation.

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