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Bad Acne Scars

While mild and moderate acne can cause little to no scarring, many forms of severe acne can leave skin scarred and damaged for years. These physical scars are often referred to as "ice pick" scars due to the indentations left in the surface of the skin. There are other types of scars, however, and each one has a particular appearance.

bad acne scarsAcne Box Car Scars - Usually found in the temples and cheeks, these scars are angular and look similar to chickenpox scars. They can be superficial or deep.

Acne Ice Pick Scars - Deep scars that appear as indentations and are the most common type of acne scarring.

Acne Hypertrophic Scars - Also known as keloid scars, thee are firm, rubbery lesions or nodules and are usually red or pinkish in color. They are also itchy and sometimes painful.

Acne Rolling Scars - These larger scars resemble waves and give skin an uneven appearance.

Skin Pigmentation Scaring from Acne

Although most scarring is textural in nature, some scarring manifests in irregular pigmentation of the skin due to the inflammation of underlying tissue. In order to avoid this pigmentation, individuals should avoid aggravating nodular or cystic acne. Unlike regular scars, however, pigmentation usually fades with time and can disappear as long as the skin is left to heal.

Grading Acne / Pimples / Zits

Doctors and Dermatologists typically grade acne on a scale in order to rate the severity of the skin condition. There are three different grading systems for Acne: Leeds, Cook's, and Pillsbury.

Leeds Acne Grading grades based on inflammation and the number and amount of inflammation present in the acne. The scale ranges from 0-10

Cook's Acne Grading uses a scale from 0-8 and compares the acne to pictures of graded skin conditions.

Pillsbury Scale uses a range from 1 to 4 (most severe) to rate the severity of acne.

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