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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

If you don’t want one thing on your face that isn’t an acne or a blackhead - it’s an acne scar. Acne scars can look from unnoticeable to horribly disfiguring. And you can’t imagine how quick and easy it’s to jump from “unnoticeable” to “horribly disfiguring”.

OK, so now how to get rid of acne scars. So, what is the best acne scar treatment? The treatments for this can be broadly categorized in two classes:

1. Natural treatments

2. Surgical treatments, or treatments with prescribed chemicals

Olive oil - as miraculous as they say
In this website I’m always going to stick with natural treatments first. If applying those natural treatments don’t work for you, you’d better go see a doctor - or you can buy the acne program I reviewed at the top of the page.

So we are going to discuss natural treatments for acne scars in this blog.

Hands down, your diet is the most effective way to treat your skin. And not only your acne scars - a good diet helps you in getting rid of your acnes and blackheads. I’ll focus in the dietary dimension in acne treatment in the next blog post, so for now those will suffice:

DRINK WATER: This can’t be stressed enough, and it makes perfect sense. Your body can’t “manufacture” water per se. You have to get it outside. So, the amount of water in your body is directly dependant upon how much water you drink. The more you drink, the more water in you, and the cleaner the whole of your body, including your skin. With more water, your body will rejuvenate faster and get rid of the acne-scarred parts of your skin.

VITAMINS: There’s no discussion on how dependant we are on vitamins for re-building parts of your body. You have acne scars? Your body just needs to rebuild the scarred skin. See the connection? Supply your body with enough vitamins. Surely the best way to achieve this are by natural means.

NATURAL MEDICATIONS: No chemicals. The best natural medications for acne scarring is, in my experience, olive oil. It’s indeed a miraculous substance. No, not just with its nutritional values. You can apply it on your skin with a little bit of massaging, and it can work wonders. Another one is lavender oil. It also has strong rejuvenating properties. Most cosmetic products that claim to reduce your wrinkles, heal scars etc. already are mostly made up of lavender oil; so it’s best to get the core of those medications without the unhealthy chemistry added on them

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