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The most often overlooked, yet the best and most natural; homemade treatments for acnes and blackheads is having a healthy and focused diet. This article will tell you about the most important aspect of a healthy diet to improve your skin condition.

Usually, what people understand from a homemade acne treatment is some kind of homemade creams or lotions that you apply on acnes or whatever problems you have. These kinds of treatments, while some of them are effective, are usually short term and won’t last if you remove the real reason behind your skin problems. In most cases, the “real reason” is nothing other than your diet.

Hands down: The most important factor in acne related problems is the diet. There are some acne cure programs based solely on a strict diet. Some of those programs are very effective and can get rid of your acnes in a few days. In this article, though, we will concentrate on one dimension of your diet: Your water intake. It is the most important factor anyone can have in his/her diet.

Your water intake is the only water source of your body. All the functions of your body require water to some extent. Your body consumes some of the water, leaves some in you, and throws away the unneeded water. So if you drink little water, your body just needs to adjust the amount it throws away, by decreasing the volume of urination and sweating.

So it’s all good, right? You just urinate less, but you have as much as water you need in your body, so why drink excess water?

Simple… if you drink little water, the same water is preserved in your body for a longer time. It gets overused and gets dirty.

What does this have to do with acne treatments?

Again, very simple. If the water in you is overused and “dirty”, the pores in your skin will get clogged much, much quicker. In fact, not drinking enough water might be the worst mistake people with acne treatments are making.

Another very important consequence is about getting rid of acne scars. How to get rid of acne scars in your body is by rebuilding it. If your body completely rebuilds the scarred tissue, you will be rid of the scar there. However, if you’re not drinking enough water and your body is preserving water, not enough water will be associated to the rebuilding mission. So the process takes longer.

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