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Popping Pimples

Stop popping pimples, it’s easy as that. In one of my previous posts I had talked about some bad consequences of pimple popping, like scarring. In this post I’ll talk about another bad consequence. (take a look at this program, it’ll cure everything acne related.)

stop popping pimplesThis one is not visible to you - but it doesn’t mean it won’t be bad for you. Basically, when you squeeze a pimple, you are forcing most of the pus in it upwards and so it “pops”. However, there’s the other end you’re not seeing - you’re also pushing some of the pus downwards. This might make the follicle wall rupture, and cause the pus to enter the inner sections of your skin; creating a lot of problems there as the pus is usually infected and carries bacteria with it. Infection entering inner sections of your skin (the dermis) can cause serious problems, least of which is lesions and cysts forming there.

So if you take away just one tip from my acne website, it is don't pop pimples. It may be tempting and sometimes even feels great, but squeezing zits isn't good.

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