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Popping Zits - Is It As Bad As They Say?

Oh, how everyone likes popping zits. I think it might be an interesting psychological study if someone was conduct a research on why and how everyone feels a sense of satisfaction when they bring out the pus in a zit with a loud “pop”.

Like most fun things, however, popping zits is oftenly advised against - maybe even adding to the fun of it!

squeezing pimples Now, you all know I have suffered from severe acne and blackhead problems all my life, and I am here to share with you my experiences. So let me add, then, that unfortunately yes: You should not pop your zits and play with your acnes.

The worst thing about doing so is that, after you pop a zit, the swelling does not immediately disappear, so you continue toying with it. You couldn’t commit a worse crime against your skin. Toying with popped zits makes them turn into serious acne scars very, very quickly. The healing process of those scars, however, takes so much more time.

Another serious point against you having fun is that the acne has lots of bacterias and other pore-clogging undesirables in it. When you pop it, you’re only making it spread to other places in your face, and new acnes will grow there.

Trust me - you don’t want to play with your acnes and zits. However, if you have so many of them that you can’t resist the urge any longer - you should definitely check Chris’ acne program. You can read my honest review of the pimple program here.

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